PocketBook Touch HD2

.acsm files

ACSM files are Adobe Digital Edition links to DRM protected epubs. The following procedure requires you to have installed a Digitial Editions account on your PocketBook beforehand.

  1. Connect your PocketBook to your computer using the USB cable - this may work using Dropbox or the like, but I haven't bothered ... :-)
  2. Copy the *.acsm file to the Digital Editions folder.
  3. Disconnect your PocketBook - make sure that Linux/Windows have had a chance to write the file to the PocketBook.
  4. Open the ACSM file on your PocketBook - it will now go ahead and fetch the epub file ...

Hubsan Drone

Left Stick

  1. Press to turn on headless mode (blue LEDs blinks).
  2. Press again to disable.
  3. Long press enters stunt mode (3 beeps only). Use right hand throttle to perform stunt. After performing stunt it flips back to regular mode.

Right Stick

  1. Press, beeps, enters expert mode.
  2. Press again to exit.
  3. Press and hold to take photo - red LEDs will flash.

Right Aileron Trim

  1. Hold to start or stop video recording - red LEDs will flash.